Why am I seeing the Adblock Plus update page?

About once a month, we release a new version of Adblock Plus as we continuously work to improve your internet browsing experience. When your Adblock Plus extension updates automatically, you may see our update page when you open a new tab.


What is the update page?

The update page informs users of changes and improvements made to Adblock Plus and shows which version of the extension you now have. We also provide contribution options for users who would like to support Adblock Plus. 


Do I have to make a contribution? I thought Adblock Plus was free.

Contributions are completely voluntary and do not affect how the extension works for you. We are grateful for any and all contributions from our users. You can read more about our payment philosophy here: Do I have to pay for Adblock Plus?


I’ve already seen the update page. Can I turn it off?

If your extension is upgraded to Adblock Plus Premium, you will not see the update page. If you paid for Premium and are seeing the update page, make sure you've activated the upgrade in the browser where you are seeing it: How do I unlock Premium?

If you haven't paid for Premium, the update will continue to appear each time we update the extension. You may simply close the tab without making a contribution.

If you continue to see the update page multiple times within the same update (you should only see it once per browser or profile), or multiple tabs all at once, please let us know: Submit a ticket.


Is my payment information secure?

All payments made through our update page are secure. You can find more information regarding contribution payments here: Contributions for Adblock Plus.


How do I know the page I’m seeing is legitimate?

If you have concerns about the legitimacy of the update page, check that the URL domain is adblockplus.org. Any time you make a payment online, please make sure you are on the intended website and are sending money to the correct recipient.


I contributed by my mistake. How can I get a refund?

If you have made a payment by mistake, you can find steps for requesting a refund here: Cancelations and refunds.

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