Why am I still asked to turn off my ad blocker after allowlisting?

If you have paused or disabled Adblock Plus or allowlisted the website (or if Adblock Plus isn't even installed), and you've refreshed the page, but you're still seeing a "turn off your ad blocker" notification, then it's most likely another extension creating the issue.

Here's how to check:

  1. Disable all your other extensions.
    • In Chrome, Edge, or Opera, type about:extensions in the address bar. Toggle each extension in the list OFF.
    • In Firefox, type about:addons in the address bar. Toggle each extension in the list OFF.
    • In Safari, go to Safari > Settings... > Extensions. Deselect all other extensions in the list.
  2. Refresh the webpage for the site where you want to see ads.

If you still don't see ads appear, we'll be happy to take a look: Submit a ticket. Important: Please include a screenshot of your list of extensions (showing as disabled), as well as a screenshot of the page where you are seeing the issue. Be sure to include the URL/address bar and the ABP icon in the browser toolbar in your shot. Here are instructions for how to take a screenshot if you need them: How to capture a screenshot.

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