How to locate error logs

At times in troubleshooting we will need to take an extra step to fully isolate the issue. Error logs tell us that extra piece of information about where the problem lies. Follow the steps below to access those error logs. 



1.Right click the ABP icon
2.Click on Manage Extensions
3.Toggle Developer Mode to on
4.Click background page located under inspect views section
5.Click on the Console tab


1. Go to about:addons
2. Click on Extensions
3. Click on the settings gear to right of manage extensions
4. Click debug add-ons
5. Click Inspect next to Adblock Plus
6. Click on the Console Tab


You must first select the option to show the Develop Menu in Safari.
1. Click on Safari in the left corner of the page next to the apple icon
2.Click on Preferences
3.Click on Advanced
4.Check option to Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar
To open the console 
1.Click on Develop in the menu bar
2.Select Show Web Inspector
3.Click on Console Tab
Errors will appear in red

Internet Explorer

1.Right click on a webpage
2.Choose Inspect element
3.Click on Console tab
Errors will appear in Red
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