Block ads on your mobile device

Adblock Plus makes it easy to block ads on your mobile device! Here are the instructions to download and install Adblock Plus depending on your operating system and browser.

iOS (iPhone/iPad) - Safari 
  1. Download the app from the App Store.
  2. Tap Get to download the Adblock Plus for Safari app. 
  3. Once the app is downloaded, open it and tap Block ads.
  4. Confirm Content Blockers are enabled by going to Settings > Safari > Content Blockers > All Websites.


Android - Samsung Internet Browser
  1. Find Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet in the Google Play store and tap the Install button. 
  2. Tap the Open to open Adblock Plus and then follow the prompts.
  3. Open the Samsung Internet Browser.
  4. Click on the three lines, located on the bottom-right of your screen
  5. Tap Ad blockers.
  6. Next to ABP for Samsung Internet, move the button to ON (it will turn blue).

Note: On Android, Adblock Plus is only available for the Samsung Internet browser. It's not possible to block ads in other browsers with this app. Likewise, we can only block ads on pages that are opened in the browser itself, and not in other apps such as games, YouTube, or social media.

Android - Adblock Browser
  1. Find AdBlock Browser in your Google Play Store and tap the Install button.
  2. Open Adblock Browser.
  3. Follow the prompts.

Adblock Browser is our own browser with an ad blocker built-in. You do not need to also download an ad-blocking program.


Due to limitations on mobile devices we are not able to provide the Premium features on phones or tablets. It's also not possible to consistently block ads in YouTube videos on mobile devices.



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