Do I have to pay for Adblock Plus?

No. Payment for Adblock Plus is 100% optional! We provide ad blocking for free and we plan to do so forever. That is exactly what you read. Internet with no ads. For free. No catch.   

We pride ourselves on voluntary contributions from happy users and believe that people who love ABP will pay a fair price for it. This is why we have an “honor system” in place. You get to choose how much and how often you’d like to contribute (if at all). 

If you do want to contribute towards us, there are two different ways to do so: You can set up a one-time or a recurring contribution here: This is a way to support ABP and help us do the work we love to do!

Alternatively, you can also upgrade to Adblock Plus Premium, where you’ll have access to additional  features. You can see how to upgrade to Premium here.

Regardless if you set up a recurring contribution or if you go for the Premium upgrade, you can cancel at any time. If you are unsatisfied, you can request a refund simply by emailing us at

And if you cannot afford to pay but still would like to show your support to ABP, there are other ways to do so at absolutely no cost. One way is simply spreading the word about Adblock Plus! Giving us a good review in your browser’s extension store and telling your friends and family members about us are two quick and efficient ways to support the project. You can also help us translate ABP to other languages, report bugs, or add and improve filters. If this has piqued your interest, you can read more about these last three options here.

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