Seeing Ads /Filter lists disappearing after Firefox update


Noticing ads after the latest Firefox Update? Filter lists disappearing? (What are Filter Lists?) If you are experiencing any of these symptoms continue reading this article!

Our team did some trials and with the help of our users' reports, have found the cause of the issue. After the latest Firefox update "always browse in private mode" seems to interfere with ABP functionality. The good news is that the fix couldn't be easier! Simply disable this in your browser's settings to resolve the issue.

Here is what you should do:

  1. Click on your Firefox Menu
  2. Go to Settings


3. Click on Privacy and Security


Scroll down until the History section.

4.  Disable the option "Always use in Private Mode" and make sure you do not have "Never Remember History" selected. Alternatively, you can simply select "Clear History when Firefox closes.”


Following these simple steps ensures that Adblock Plus runs smoothly on the latest Firefox version!




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