I get an error when I try to update Adblock Plus for the Safari app

When trying to install the update to Adblock Plus for the Safari Mac app, are you getting one of these errors?

“Adblock Plus” cannot be updated because its extensions are in use by “Safari”. Click OK and quit the application.


"Adblock Plus" cannot be open during installation. Click Continue to quit "Adblock Plus" and begin the update. The application will open when the update is complete.

As with all Mac apps, you need to quit Adblock Plus so App Store can install the update. What makes ABP a little more confusing than other apps is that it runs in the background of Safari. You can't see it, and you may not even know that it's open. 

Solution 1: Click Continue

Try just clicking Continue. If all goes well, the app will close, update, and open again in the background.

Solution 2: Click Cancel

If solution 1 did not work, try this:

  1. Click Cancel to close the error message.
  2. Quit Adblock Plus. (If you don't see the app window, force ABP to quit following the instructions at the bottom of this article. Then come back here and continue with Step 3.)
  3. Quit Safari.
  4. Open the Updates tab in the App Store and try to install the Adblock Plus update again.
  5. If the issue still is not fixed, please try rebooting your device.

How to force an app to quit



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