What to do if you are seeing YouTube's anti-adblocking wall

YouTube's anti-adblocking wall should no longer appear with the Adblock Plus desktop extension installed in Chrome, Edge or Opera. You may see a variety of different behaviors such as a temporary black screen or a very brief display of an ad. These are related to our efforts to stop ads from appearing for you. 

Note: This issue has not yet been addressed in the Adblock Plus for Firefox extension or in the Adblock Plus Mac app. In the meantime, if you are seeing an anti-adblock wall in those browsers, we recommend using Chrome, Edge or Opera (or allowlisting YouTube).


Make sure another extension isn't triggering the wall

If you are using Chrome or Edge and you still see the anti-adblock notification, make sure there isn't a different extension or other software triggering the notification to appear: Why am I still asked to turn off my ad blocker after allowlisting?


Not another extension?

If something else is not triggering the wall, try the following steps in this order: 

    1. Sign out of YouTube.
    2. Clear your browser's cache: How to clear cache and cookies.
    3. Sign back into YouTube.


Still seeing the wall?

If you continue to see the wall after those steps, please submit an issue report:

    1. Go to YouTube.com
    2. When YouTube's wall appears, click the ABP toolbar icon.
    3. On the pop-up menu, click on "Report an issue on this page".
    4. A new tab will open. Select the option "The page I'm trying to view is broken." and then click Continue.
    5. On the next page there will be a screenshot appended to your report. Feel free to hide any information you'd prefer not to display then click Continue.
    6. Enter your email address in the email field.
    7. Be sure to select the option "Include information about my browser configuration, as well as a list of active extensions I'm using."
    8. Click Send Report.

Once you submit the report, if you already have an open ticket, please reply back to our last message with the link to the report.



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