I still see ads in Samsung Internet

Follow the suggestions below if you still see ads after installing Adblock Plus.

Verify that you are using the correct filter list

Adblock Plus requires filter lists to block ads. A default filter list based on your browser's language settings is automatically activated when you install Adblock Plus. It blocks ads from the most popular (often English language-based) websites. However, it does not block ads on less popular national websites. For example, if you live in Germany you should subscribe to the national German filter list.

View actively maintained filter lists


As a recommendation, you should avoid adding too many filter lists to Adblock Plus. Adding too many filter lists slows down the ad blocker and, therefore, your browsing.

Turn off Acceptable Ads

Some nonintrusive ads are displayed by default. If you do not want to see these ads, this feature must be turned off. Please note that by turning off Acceptable Ads, website owners and content creators that abide by the Acceptable Ads criteria will lose ad revenue.

  1. Open the Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet app.
  2. Clear the check box labeled Allow some nonintrusive advertising.
  3. Close the app.

Check to see if your device is infected with adware/malware

What is adware?

Adware is a type of malware, short for "malicious software." It's a term generally used for software installed on your computer or mobile device that is designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without your consent. In many cases you obtained this software without knowing it, as these applications are often bundled in other software installers.

For information about detecting and removing malware, visit our adware information page.

But I still see ads!

If you tried everything above but still see ads, there might be an issue with the filter(s). You can reach out to us via email and we'll try to help!

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